I wanted to edit code in my team’s Github repository. Before going live with my proposed changes, the team likes to manually check my work. For this exercise I took the code from my team’s Github repo, edited it locally using vim, pushed it back using git, and sent a pull request to the team on Github.

The project was fun, challenging, and successful. The steps I took are below:

  • I forked the repository (Image 1)
  • Confirmed it was in my own repo (Image 2)
  • Before going any further I needed to install git (Image 3–5)
  • Then to clone the…

I wanted to create a directory with a file that holds text, while making it accessible over the internet served up on a web server.

The steps I took were:
- Create a directory for networking (called “networking1”)
- Change into the new directory, and add text.
- Concatenate the file to ensure the text is in the networking directory.
- Open Port 80 on the server and confirm that it is running.

The successful steps are below.

My team wanted to test a webpage out on my Centos server. They wanted to see if they can access the page over the internet. My job was to install the test web server that will serve up the webpage to my team.

The steps I took were:
1. Update all packages on the server (I used was “sudo yum update”)
2. Install an Apache HTTP Web Server (sudo yum install httpd)
3. Enable the Apache Web Server (/sbin/service httpd start)
4. Grab the public IP and sent it to my team (curl ifconfig.me)

Kevin Czarzasty

Cloud computing is cool! I also enjoy flying my drone, training Jiu Jitsu, and making great memories with family & friends.

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